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Susan K. Smith, LLC

Mediator and Victim Advocate

Avon, Connecticut

Divorce Mediation: Attorney Smith has been mediating divorce and family cases for more than 15 years. Her free online publication, a "Connecticut Divorce Primer," provides Connecticut divorce law basics in an easy to read topical handbook format and has been a reference for lawyers and clients alike for years. Her method of divorce mediation allows clients to do some directed work on their own outside of mediation sessions in order begin to learn new ways to work together --and to save money-- both of which are important to parents and children. Sue's experience in mediation gives her a "tool kit" which allows her to tailor each case to the needs, circumstances and resources of the clients and to assist the couple in working through disagreement. 

Sue is a co-founder of the Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Association, a successful group of specially trained collaborative practitioners in the northern Connecticut region. Mediation is something like a double mediation where each party engages a specially-trained attorney and the parties pledge to resolve differences with a non-adversarial out-of-court process using the principles and guidelines of the Collaborative Process. See article Mediation and Collaboration in Connecticut.

Marital Conciliation Mediation. Marital Conciliation helps couples who love each other but have issues preventing them from leading a peaceful co-existence which could lead to burning-out the marriage. Conciliatory mediation is not therapy. Rather, it is a means for couples to work together with the assistance of the mediator to address problems that are causing friction. Typical problems can relate to management of children, finances, spending, and even the division of household responsibilities.

Sue is also available as Settlement Council in appropriate cases. The need for Settlement Council might arise, for example, if one party is resistant or uncomfortable with the meditation approach and engages an attorney. In those instances, Sue can represent the party without counsel to negotiate with the other attorney in a non-adversarial manner in an attempt to bring the case to resolution without engaging in full-fledged litigation.

Sexual Abuse Litigation: Sue has represented victims of sexual abuse for more than 25 years. See article Civil Litigation for Sexual Abuse: First Steps. She recently represented 70 victims in the Saint Francis Hospital litigation arising out of the sexual abuse of Dr. George E. Reardon. Link to Article on the Saint Francis Hospital / Reardon Litigation and was subject of an important Supreme Court decision. She currently represents two victims of Robert Reinhardt, former Dean at The Gunnery both of which have been successfully settled. Link to an Article on The Gunnery. In addition, Sue is also currently representing two victims in a claims against the Indian Mountain School in Salisbury CT for the sexual abuse of a former teacher, Chris Simonds.

Personal injury Litigation: Sue also represents victims who have suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence or malfeasance of others. For 15 years, Sue has partnered her litigation cases with another lawfirm. The collaboration allows both firms to apply particular strengths and expertise to their clients.

Sue has been included in the Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings® for more than 15 years. She has been rated BV® Distinguished for Very High Legal Ability and Ethical Standards. She has had a distinguished academic career, including the distinction of graduating first in her law school class, serving as Executive Editor on the Connecticut Law Review and earning numerous book awards.

You are invited to look through these pages and call or write Attorney Smith if you have any questions. Please keep in mind that Sue cannot give legal advice over the telephone. Also be mindful that Sue can only assist individuals who have cases, or potential cases, in Connecticut.

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